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Ever wonder why humans dance?

In Why We Dance, I argue that dance is a vital art — vital not just for our physical selves, but for our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves. For our humanity.

In making this argument, I draw on the work of researchers from across disciplines who are discovering the fundamental role that bodily movement plays in the process of becoming human. Along the way, I articulate a movement-based philosophy of bodily becoming that retells the story of what it means to be human from the perspective of dance.

Why We Dance was the inspiration for a new film by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — also called WHY WE DANCE — directed by Nathalie Bibeau. For more information about the film, please visit: WHY WE DANCE. Also check out my blog post about the project.

For more about the book, see this interview with Joanna Harcourt Smith. BORN TO MOVE. Also, check out my Author Interview on the Columbia University Press Blog.



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