To Why We Dance:

“A brilliant, pioneering work. Readers join a rich, deeply informed, erudite conversation and are rewarded with LaMothe’s original insights and vision of the purpose and promise of dance to transform individuals, communities, and the world we create together.”

—Miranda Shaw, author of Buddhist Goddesses of India

“A rare and welcome book. LaMothe offers a view of the world from one who has woven together three experiential bodies of knowledge crucial to gaining insight into the terrible fractures eroding human life. A dancer and a scholar of dance, she is [also] a mother and a farmer. Her writing has the feel of the kinds of wisdom cultivated in older cultures, through rituals rooted in the ancient patterns of the cosmos. She brings her considerable experience of moving to bear on the basic questions that engage us all: mattering, meaning, connecting, healing, loving, and caring for the earth.”

—Don Hanlon Johnson, author of Body, Spirit, and Democracy

“LaMothe gracefully reminds us that every part of our life is in motion and that when we dance we are healed, renewed, and made whole by the natural movement of our moving nature. This book brings an extraordinary wake up call, an energized jolt reminding us that all professions and practices need to give birth to ‘movement-oriented ways of knowing.’ Why We Dance holds a moving answer that will touch the heart and intellect of all.”

—Bradford Keeney and Hillary Keeney, co-editors of Way of the Bushman: Spiritual Teachings and Practices of the Kalahari Ju/’hoansi

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